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Oct. 1,2015
Ms. Ressa Octavianty and Mr. Huy Quang Ho gave presentations at International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated flows (16-18 June, 2015, Stockholm).
Oct. 1,2015
Ms. Ressa Octavianty gave a presentation at ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference 2015 (26-31 July, 2015, Seoul).
Mar. 26,2015
Masashi Kobayashi received his Ph.D degree in March 2015.
Sep. 18,2014
Mochamad Dady Mamun (student from Indonesia) received his Ph.D degree in September 2014.
Nov. 23,2013
Mr. Fujimoto gave a presentation at the 2013 Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology, Nov 20-22, 2013, Takamatsu
Oct. 21,2013
Three PhD students (M.D.Ma'mun, R. Octavianty, M.Kobayashi) gave presentations at 14th Asian Conference of Fluid Mechanics, Hanoi, Oct. 15-19.
Oct. 1,2013
Huy Ho Quang, a new Ph.D student from Indonesia, joined our laboratory members.
Mar. 29,2013
Profs. H. Alfredsson(KTH),J. Fransson(KTH) and J.M. Floryan(Univ. Western Ontario)visited our labotratory.
TOKYO METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITYTOKYO METROPORITAN UNIVERSITY - Faculty of System Design / Graduate School of System DesignTokyo Metropolitan University Department of Aerospace Engineering
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